Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Living in a smaller space has lots of advantages. Usually, it’s cheaper. There’s less to clean. It’s cozy. However, there are some downsides, too, which is mostly the lack of space. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks you can implement that will make your home feel bigger regardless of its size. Here are some ideas.

Vertical Storage

In big cities, like New York, builders can no longer build out. There’s no more ground space to accommodate wide buildings. Instead, builders must literally build up. This principle works the same in your home. If you have limited floor space, put in vertical storage units that hug the walls. In other words, build up. Doing so leaves you with more floor space and makes the room feel less cramped.

Windows Affect the Feel

It is often clear that different windows look better set into different walls depending on their size and shape. Even if a room is small, by using your window space correctly, you can make it look larger. You can do this by changing out your window coverings. Instead of featuring horizontal blinds, go with verticals. This design opens up the space visually, making it look larger. Window that are really small relative to the wall space can give a cramped feeling to the room, so try to use a well-sized window.


Putting up mirrors is a trompe l’oeil technique that makes any room appear bigger. First, the addition of mirrors reflects the room back to you, making it seem larger. Second, mirrors reflect the light that’s already in the room. Light makes a room look bigger.

You can enhance the effect of this by painting the room a light color before you hang up the mirrors. Soft lights placed strategically around the room, as well as open windows, also heighten this effect. If you don’t want to leave your blinds open all the time, think about getting sheer curtains.

Finally, be careful when choosing furniture for this room. Bulky chairs, sofas and clunky coffee tables take up visual space. Further, these items will be reflected back in your mirrors, adding to the feeling of claustrophobia. Opt for more streamlined furniture instead.

Living in a small home doesn’t doom you to living in a cracker box. You can make your house look bigger by incorporating some optical illusions that are designed to visually open up a space. Using vertical storage, investing in the right window treatments and hanging up mirrors count as just a few of the ways you can accomplish this.

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