Friday, November 9th, 2018

4 Foolproof Methods of Drumming Up Interest for Properties

Some real estate agents believe that the key to creating interest in a property is to improve its internal and external appearance. They typically make certain that a property is clean, free of clutter and attractively landscaped. Before a showing of a home, for example, they might even bake cookies in the oven to offer as snacks and make the place smell welcoming and comfortable. Although all these methods work, your competitors are likely doing far more to attract buyers to their properties. If you don’t already utilize the following strategies, it’s time to rethink your sales strategy:

Install a Stunning Sign

You might think that a “For Sale” sign is an outdated tool. Although one of the oldest methods to attract buyers, a colorful, attractive property sign with clear contact details continues to be one of the most foolproof methods you can use even with all of the advantages that the internet has to offer. Many people walk or drive around a neighborhood to determine if it seems nice and matches their preferences and look for signs during their tour. Some people considering moving, notice a “For Sale” sign while driving, jogging or walking a pet through a neighborhood, start to consider the possibilities and then make the call. The same is true for commercial properties. Commercial property buyers often look first at multiple locations in relation to average building and property prices, utilities and taxes and other factors like a location’s proximity to similar businesses, transportation routes, and vendors and then walk around or drive through the location before they start searching for available properties online.

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Post on Social Media

Modern buyers are no longer surprised to see details about properties for sale from local real estate agents on social media. Some people actually hope to see more information on these platforms. Social media accounts about available real estate can attract millions of followers who then serve as your online word-of-mouth advertising via post shares. Social media users who actively serve as online influencers to help people find certain things, including real estate, can connect you with your target audience without any extra work on your part. You can create interest via your business profile posts and posts in social media real estate and even yard sale groups. Social media also offers you an opportunity to engage potential buyers through one-on-one Q&A sessions, contests and other types of valuable content. As part of your social media posts, you can also check with what people are saying about you. It is important to listen to concerns and questions that your followers and clients may have. In addition, career social sites allow you to post your work history and qualifications to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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Give Your Audience Value

Some real estate agents believe that buyers primarily value extras offered at an agent’s office and showings like snacks and beverages and useful everyday promotional products or content in an email newsletter or free subscription postal mailer. Your target audience values much more than these expected extras. Text and video content is still king offline and online. Buyers want to see valuable content on your website’s blog and proof of your expertise in guest posts for industry-related publications and local and national newspapers. Try to write on topics that are relevant to your local audience of both buyers and sellers and property type instead of merely offering listings and new owner success stories. For example, you might write about home sale inspection and preparation guides, red flag problems for commercial property buyers and even residential and commercial moving tips.

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Offer Detailed Virtual Views

Although traditional newspaper and online photo listings can drum up interest, many modern buyers want to see as much of a property close up as possible before a showing. They value their time too much to even consider checking out a property in-person unless the agent has provided them with a 360-degree interior and exterior virtual photo or video tour. They also expect drone footage that can show them not only the scope of what they plan to buy, but also any details that could cost them more money in renovations, such as acreage that has fallen trees, old construction roof damage, and outdated commercial pipes. Aerial panoramas are especially important when looking at large forested, farm and manufacturing warehouse sites since the camera’s zoom feature can’t lie about the overall condition of these locations. Before you cringe at the idea of showing the bad alongside the good, keep in mind that a buyer exists somewhere out there for every type of property. Virtual views weed out buyers who want only perfection. These resources also reduce bad reviews from disappointed, angry people who feel you tricked them into wasting time at a less-than-perfect property showing because you initially only presented the property in the best possible light.

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There are plenty of other methods that you can use to drum up interest. These four examples represent a solid foundation you can work from to build your business. Most of these methods require little upfront financial investment. In fact, they mostly require your focus and time. Once you perform the hard work, they quickly generate new site and listings traffic and inbound calls. With the increased interest, it shouldn’t be hard to sell your properties quickly!