Saturday, November 17th, 2018

4 Technological Upgrades That Will Impress Buyers and Add Value to Your House

Homeowners may landscape, paint, and buy plants to their hearts’ content, however, curb appeal only goes so far toward selling a home. Millennials make up the greater part of buyers these days, and they look for different things. Home automation is their greatest buying point.

Technology upgrades that will impress buyers and add value to your house go beyond smartphone “keys” to the house or smart thermostats. The following technologies should make life easier and, most important of all, save money on the bills.

Smart Smoke Detectors

We cannot stress enough the importance of having a smoke alarm. Two-thirds of home fire deaths occur when the alarm has been disabled. Smart smoke detectors are expensive, but they not only check their own battery power, but they also check their own sensors. Smart smoke alarms communicate with the other detectors in the home to alert the family where the smoke has been sensed. The family has time to wake up and exit the house.

One of the most irritating things about smoke alarms is that they don’t know we’re only cooking. That’s when most people take the battery out of the smoke alarm and then forget to return it. Smart smoke alarms understand you’re only frying chicken. They monitor indoor air quality as well as carbon dioxide, reporting its findings to your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Moisture Detector

Nothing kills a potential buyer’s interest in your home like the threat of moisture and mold. We don’t have to tell you the dangers of frozen pipes, leaking washing machines, or a spring flood. Often leaks appear and slowly cause their damage. By the time you find the tell-tale brown spots on the ceiling or step in water, it will be an expensive fix. If only you had spotted a leak sooner.

Fortunately, a moisture detector exists that senses leaks, changes in humidity and temperature. The sensor can be placed beneath sinks, near the water heater, and anywhere water is likely to cause a problem. It reports to your smartphone or tablet, even when you are on vacation or are far from your house.

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Smart Solar Panels

Solar panels and how they add home value don’t stop at mere savings on the power bill, although that’s an important selling point. Solar energy is clean, green, and renewable. Incentives from the government and the power companies encourage homeowners to invest in solar energy. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s getting less so every day.

The smart part comes in with solar panels using smart junction boxes. This enables the homeowner to shut off certain panels in the event of a home fire or a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado. These smart solar panels save homeowners $1,500 per year in power bills. They increase resale value by $15,000. Tax and other incentives save homeowners up to 30 percent of the installation costs.

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Smart Lighting

Millennials are also security-conscious. While dimmers and smart lights turning on when they arrive at home and off when they leave are nice, smart lights that provide home security is a big selling point. This is especially so when the lights can be voice activated over a wide variety of smart networks. They are all manageable on your smartphone or tablet.

Energy Star tells us that lighting our homes is about 15 percent of our power bills. Using smart bulbs and smart lighting programs reduce that number considerably. Smart lighting provides home security with motion sensors. If you have it in your outdoor rooms, it provides extra security when your guests are enjoying your hospitality.

It is possible to link your smart lighting with other smart systems in your home by using the Internet of Things or the IoT. Just tell your smartphone to adjust the temperature at home or adjust your sprinkler system in your garden and activate your desired smart lighting feature at the same time.

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Smart technology is here to stay. It’s providing homeowners, sellers, and buyers with an easier, more secure life, as well as value for their money. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing your home is safe from invasion or that the kids are safe until you return from work. Those are the two most important things in life, our home, and our family. Their safety is vital.

It’s interesting to note that the makers of smart systems are also making them affordable. Safety is everyone’s primary thought. Smart system manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and giving us what we need with amazing technological innovations.