Sunday, November 25th, 2018

4 Tips That Will Make Your Move Easy As Pie

Moving is a lot of work, and it can be an emotionally stressful experience if you don’t prepare for it. This is especially true if you have children or are unsure of where you should find help to make the move as stress-free as possible. However, there are some preparations you can make so that your move goes a little easier and smoother.

Hire Movers

Using a moving company to help you transport your belongings will make the process much less labor-intensive for you and your family. Hiring a company rather than doing the hauling yourself also protects yourself from making the mistake of getting a traffic ticket for parking the moving van in the wrong spot or not paying a required toll. You’ll also want to thoroughly research the moving company that you’re planning to hire. Don’t just find whoever will do it for the least amount of money. Instead, take the time to learn about the moving company’s reputation by reading reviews, and if you know someone who has recently moved, ask them who they hired and if they were pleased with the moving company’s service.

Discuss the Move With Your Children

Small children will likely understand that something is going on when you start making preparations for your move, but very young children don’t always have the best sense of time, and they don’t necessarily understand the concept of moving if they’ve never experienced it. Older children might feel a sense of loss upon moving. Make the process easier for them by telling them when you will be moving and encourage them to spend time with their neighborhood friends and say goodbye before you actually leave. If you’re trying to get your kids more excited about moving to your new house, Moving Company Reviews suggests involving your children in setting up their bedrooms, and maybe even allowing them to help in the creative process whenever you can. Like choosing paints, wall art, or even furniture placement.

Organize Boxed Items

Take the time to make sure that your unpacking is as easy as your packing by organizing things when you’re putting them into boxes, On The Move explains. One thing that you can do to make finding the right room for every box easy when you’re unpacking is to color code or label each of the boxes by room. This way, when the movers are unpacking your things, they’ll be able to bring the box directly to the correct room.

Ask for Help

Many people will give you help if you ask for it. If you need a few hours with the kids gone so that you can get more of your packing done, ask someone from your church or another family member to watch them for the morning.

Moving can be stressful, but you can take the edge off by ensuring that you pack well, prepare your kids, and hire movers who have a good reputation.

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