Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

If spring is quickly approaching, then it is time to do some home maintenance. Completing these tasks now can help you save time and money down the road. It may also help protect your investment in your home. Here are some ways to prepare your home for the spring weather.

Patio Furniture

According to Christy Sports, spring is a great time to get out your patio furniture if you have had it tucked away during the winter. Scrutinize each piece to see if it needs to be replaced or fixed. You may want to give them a good bath so that they are ready for mild spring weather when you want to use them. Depending on what materials are used in your patio furniture, it may be time to stain or paint it so that it lasts longer.

Prepare Your Landscaping

As spring approaches, you need to pay special attention to your landscaping. If you are going to be planting new beds, then get them prepared for spring plantings. You may even want to get ahead by growing some plants inside and transplanting them when the weather is right. While you are at it, be sure that no piles of leaves or dirt have formed that will block water from moving away from your home’s foundation when the rain starts falling in the spring. According to Flathead Conservation District, this is also a great time to perform a soil test and fertilize your grass if needed as it needs lots of nutrients during early spring.

Inspect Your Roof

It is crucial to inspect your roof during the spring. Start by making sure that the gutters are attached and clean so that rain can move away from your home. Then inspect the flashings around any pipes sticking through your roof to make sure that they are still firmly attached. While you are at it, look for any signs of mold or algae, and get them cleaned off if you find them. If your air conditioner unit is on the roof, then make sure that it is firmly attached. Take a look at your shingles to make sure that none are missing and that they are securely fastened. According to Community Builders, damaging sleet may develop in the spring or warmer parts of winter. Because of this, you need to walk around your yard after each storm to inspect your roof.

Look at Your Hardscaping

Spring is also a great time to inspect your hardscaping. Be sure you check your driveway or any walls for damage. Make sure that it has stayed in place and held up during the colder months. Winter is notorious for damaging structures so you need to make sure there aren’t any cracks that could potentially cause huge problems later. Start to plan what changes you want to make to your home’s hardscaping before summer begins. If you have any fountains check if they are cracked before you start to run the water again.

Spring is a delightful time to be outside. The weather is pleasant and serves as a great time before summer hits. Use the first mild days of spring to go outside accomplish these tasks that’ll keep your home nice.

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