Wednesday, July 31st, 2019


5 Ways to Increase Your Property’s Online Visibility

Selling your home can be a tedious task. Online marketing and inbound traffic are necessary to facilitate a successful sale. Your listing may rank higher in search when you have the right keywords and engaging content. To ensure you reach the right audience of buyers, here are 5 ways to increase your property’s online visibility. 

Promote Your Property on Social Media with Engaging Content

Promote your website on social media platforms where potential buyers may reside. Use custom content such as video tours and interactive photos which will create engagement thereby boosting your visibility in the default feed. Additional tips for using social media to drive home sales include creating custom hashtags, creating event pages for open houses, and engaging with past customers in VIP groups or other closed networks. Make sure to actively manage engagements by individually following up with any questions or comments posted about your listing on social media. 

Professional Photography

Work with a professional photographer to stage your house and capture great photos that will encourage clicks and drive traffic to your listing. Not only are you going to get a better click-through rate, but your listing may even show up higher in search. Professional photographers will know all the tips and tricks for showcasing the best features of your property that will entice potential buyers to reach out and schedule a showing. Professional photographers can also edit photos to help your house look its best. Bright light can be portrayed by adjusting exposure, even if the photo is taken on a rainy day, while an open floor plan or wide-open outdoor spaces can be captured with a wide-angle lens. A professional photographer is a worthwhile investment that will be easily recouped once your property sells. 

Dedicated Website for Your Listing 

If your listing contains a distinctive feature, consider investing in a custom URL and building a dedicated website to promote the sale. You can also use the address and street name as the URL to help potential buyers remember the property. Use engaging content such as video tours and professional photos. Inbound links from your listing on real estate websites can also help drive traffic and views to your custom website. A custom web page allows you to use custom capture tools, social sharing, and smart analytics that allow you to analyze the sources of your inbound traffic. This information can help you refine your website copy by using correct keywords and focusing any paid marketing efforts on effective sources such as neighborhood groups and community pages. 

Sponsored Listing on High Traffic Real Estate Websites

Ensure your listing shows up at the top of real estate website listings by investing in a sponsored post. Sponsoring your listing on major real estate websites allows your property to appear multiple times in the same search by keeping it pinned to the top or highlighted in the search results. Sponsoring your listing allows your sale to stand out when it may very well be overshadowed by a plethora of similar listings. While there are many pros and cons to sponsored listings on major real estate websites, one big plus is the brand recognition of these websites amongst potential buyers. 

Use the Right Keywords in Your Listing Copy

Does the home boast an open floor plan? What about vaulted ceilings? Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and use keywords that people will search for in your listing. Descriptive headlines and certain keywords can help drive search traffic to your listing. Use those best features as keywords in various areas of your marketing plan such as website URLs, headings, and introductory highlights.  

Online visibility of your real estate listing can directly impact the number of showings and open house attendees. Use these tips to help drive online traffic to your property listing and help sell your home fast!

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