Saturday, November 10th, 2018

5 Ways to Make Moving Easier

Most people have changed their place of residence at least once in their life. No one has to be told how hard it is to move a family’s belongings from one location to another. However, there are plenty of ways to make the process go a little smoother. Here are five ways to make your next move much easier:

Plan Early

Avoid making arrangements at the last minute when moving. There aren’t many times when you’ll have to pack up and move at a moment’s notice. You’ll usually need to plan about four to eight weeks in advance of a big move.

Give yourself the time you need to get your things together and put your affairs in order. It’ll save you time and energy for the things that matter most.

Give Unneeded Items Away

Whenever a family seeks to declutter their home, one of the first things they realize is that they have many things that they don’t want or need. Moving boxes filled with items that won’t be used at their new location don’t make much sense.

It’s a good idea to visualize your new living space. You should plan where your furniture and other bigger items will go first. Once you know where you’ll install your furniture, you’ll have an idea of just how many items you can take to furnish your home while avoiding clutter.

Pack In Advance

You can save yourself some headaches by purchasing packing materials in advance. The list of materials needed usually include boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and labels. Preparing the items in your home for transport a little at a time will avoid the headache of trying to pack it all in the days leading up to the move.

The Right Vehicle

It’s preferable to move all items in one trip, especially when moving long-distance. For this goal to become a reality, you’ll need a van or truck large enough to fit all the family’s belongings inside. Get advice from the company that you rent a moving van or truck from. They’ll be able to help you find the vehicle size that will fit your family’s needs.

Seek Help

Even when executing a do-it-yourself move, this doesn’t mean you have to move an entire house full of belongings alone. Reach out to family and friends for help. You can also search online classified sites to find someone to provide affordable labor for the day.

There are plenty of resources available when moving into the Jacksonville area. Be sure to reach out to our team at Magnolia Properties to find the options and opportunities your family needs for your move.


There’s no changing the fact that moving is taxing both physically and mentally. However, moving the belongings of your family doesn’t have to become a reason to pull out your hair. Paying attention to the tips above can provide for a smoother process for you and your family when moving your belongings to a new home, no matter how far away.