Thursday, June 4th, 2020

In some cases, ignorance may indeed be bliss. But that is not the case when it comes to home improvement projects. Many tasks you can accomplish by yourself without any issue. But some projects should only ever be attempted by a qualified professional. Why? There are lots of little details that can be extremely important in certain lines of work. Even if the task is simple, ignorance of these details could cause major damage to your home and your health. Here are three projects you should not attempt on your own.

Roof Repair

A quality roof is essential for a comfortable home. It needs to keep you well insulated from heat and cold, as well as protect you from wind and rain. Over the years, your roof is going to begin to break down and need some repair. You can tell you have a roof problem if the tiles are starting to curl, fall off, or discolor. You can make several mistakes when repairing a roof by yourself that can cause further damage. Without the right equipment, repairing a roof can be extremely dangerous. You can easily fall and hurt yourself. It’s not going to be worth the cost savings to do it yourself. Professionals will get the job done faster and better than you can.

Major Electrical Work

When it comes to electrical work, there is a lot more going on then just connecting wires. If you live in an older home, you might be needing to update your electrical panel. Older homes aren’t built to handle the electrical needs of a modern home with dozens of electronics. This is a project that you should not try unless you are a licensed electrician. The dangers of electrical work go far beyond electrocution. A poor job could result in an electrical overload. Sparks could fly. You could start a fire.

Major Plumbing

Plumbing renovations might seem like a simple matter of connecting pipes, but they aren’t. You need to have an intimate knowledge of the pressures that the pipe will be experiencing as well as a host of other details. Using the wrong type of pipes for a job could result in a pipe bursting, or a sewer line backing up. Either way, the cost in damage will be far more than hiring a professional to do it right the first time.

Having a DIY attitude about life isn’t a bad thing. It encourages you to learn and be more self-sufficient. Some things, however, are better off handled by those with training and experience. When the professional comes over, ask them to teach you about the job so that you can understand why it may be outside your abilities. Making sure your repairs are done right is doubly important if you ever plan on selling your home, as improperly done repairs will be discovered on a home inspection.