Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

With concern growing in regards to how we are impacting the planet, more people are looking at how they can make a change for the better. One of the available options is switching to using renewable energy in the home. This does more than just benefit the planet though. It can literally pay to make the change.

Lower Energy Bills

If you’ve lived in Florida for any length of time, you know how important having good air conditioning is. If you haven’t, you’ll learn soon. The problem is that heating and cooling a home makes up a significant portion of your energy bill. The more you crank the AC, the higher your bill is going to be, and that isn’t even accounting for all your other appliances and electronics. Fortunately, with renewable energy sources such as solar, you are generating your own energy. This is a much more cost effective source of energy and can net you some nice savings on your power bill.

Tax Incentives

Of course, making the switch to renewable energy sources usually comes with a high upfront cost. That can be a pretty significant turn off to homeowners. That isn’t news to anyone, really, and because of that the federal government has offered tax credits that can cover a percentage of what you spend on installing systems like solar panels. If that’s something you have an interest in, don’t put it off. The federal tax credit for solar will begin to expire after 2022. Unless Congress renews it, we’re not too far out from it going away entirely.

Net Metering

One of the concerns many people have with solar panels is that they don’t work at night and don’t work as well on cloudy days. That can throw a wrench in your plans to use renewable energy since you would likely have to use traditional energy sources. The solution lies in the excess energy you produce during sunny days and Florida’s net metering program. Net metering allows you to essentially gain credits for the extra energy you produce which you can then use to offset those times when your system isn’t able to produce energy. It allows you to still enjoy the financial benefits of producing your own energy.

Making the transition to using renewable energy in your home benefits both the environment and your wallet. You can enjoy benefits such as lower energy bills, access to tax incentives, and net metering. Before you know it, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment while improving your own circumstances.

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