Wednesday, November 11th, 2020


Recently purchased a home, but want to make it yours? Or maybe you even live in your old home and you simply want to make it feel like new again. Regardless, there are many changes you can make to your house to make it feel more like your home.

Change the Color Scheme

Choose some new color schemes to really spruce up the place and make it yours. There are so many ways to choose new colors, and it does wonders for making an older place feel new.

If you find yourself asking, “but isn’t that the job of the designer?” you’re not alone. Many people have a hard time picking out what they think are good colors for their home. But remember—this home is yours. It’s important to find colors that you like, feel good being surrounded by, and feel welcoming to your friends and family. Take inspiration from things around you: nature, clothing, patterns in rugs or furniture, art, etc.

You can choose to vary the color scheme from room to room. Maybe you want a cozier living room with warmer earthy tones, but an energetic kitchen with brighter, cooler tones. Consider what you want the occupants of the room to feel, and run with it.

Replace the Doors

Have you considered replacing your doors to change up your house? It’s not always an obvious solution, but there are a lot of benefits of changing up the door. In terms of personal style, you can make doors an accent piece or a part of the scenery. You can choose different textures that will accentuate other décor in the room.

Your entry doors that are visible from the outside of the house are especially important. There are all kinds of styles of entry doors to choose from, so choose wisely. Consider aesthetic and durability.

Add New Countertops

Your kitchen may be one of your most important rooms in the house, and you can change the entire feel of your kitchen without spending a fortune by adding new countertops. Countertops make a huge difference.

Countertops change how light works in your kitchen, and they can get dirty pretty quickly. When you find a countertop that works best for you, whether because you wish to change the color scheme in your kitchen or because it will match your cabinets better. Regardless of the reasons why you should replace your countertops, you will not regret your purchase.

Upgrade Appliances

Appliances are constantly getting better, and maybe it’s time for upgraded appliances in your home. Some appliances are optimized for low energy usage and some have other special features, but there are so many options that there is likely an appliance that is perfect for you and your home.

Obviously, if your appliances have stopped working at peak capacity, it’s probably time for a replacement. One great part of appliances today is that you can frequently match them to the other appliances, whether you choose to use stainless steel or another surface.

Another thing to consider as you customize your home is buying smart appliances that you can control remotely.

Redo Flooring

There are many types of flooring that you can choose from as a homeowner, each with their pros and cons. Wood flooring is warm, but dents more easily whereas tile flooring is colder, but is typically stronger. Your flooring should also vary depending on the room. You would not use the same flooring in your bathroom as you would in your living room.

There are also many types of carpet that you can choose from: short crisp carpet that is easy to clean and softer carpet that feels nice on your feet. Don’t forget that there are also easy and less expensive ways that you can vary the flooring in your home. Using rugs, for example, you can add color or extra textures.

Buy New Furniture

Furniture is a less permanent way to change up the homey-ness of your house. Consider different colors, shapes, materials, finishes, fabric patterns, or cover types. Each modification will bring a slightly different feel and comfort to your home. Watch for furniture that fits how you imagine your home to feel.

If you’re looking for a sleeker, minimalistic look, consider getting a leather couch with sharp lines in cool colors. If you want a cozier more cabin-like feel, get fabric-covered couches with warmer colors. Remember that there are many AR apps that allow you to place a virtual version of a new piece of furniture so that you can experiment with different arrangements and pieces of furniture.

Remember to consider the needs of your family as you purchase furniture. If you have a dog, it may not be a great idea to get a couch that is easily scratched. Also, consider how you may repurpose furniture in the future. If you find a shelf that can work both vertically and horizontally, you can experiment with the arrangement.

Fix the Lighting

Lighting can make or break the feel of your home. If there is not enough natural light during the day, that can make it feel more depressing and even lead to headaches and other problems. It’s not always feasible to add new windows—so why not consider some ways to lighten the mood by brightening the room?

Different types of lightbulbs will give you different experiences (and different electric bills). There are lightbulbs with a warmer light and a cooler light. There are different levels of brightness and there are also some that can vary in brightness. And don’t forget the ongoing debate of LED versus incandescent bulbs. As you learn more about the types of lights, you’ll find what will work best for each room in your house.

Find New Fixtures

Fixtures can change the feel of a room all by themselves and are another relatively cheap way to update your home and make it more yours. By simply changing the faucets and drawer handles, you can change your kitchen from an old kitchen that looks like it hasn’t had attention in ages to a kitchen that looks at the top of their game. If you’d like to change the feel of your bathroom, changing up the toilet is a way to make it feel more luxurious.

Give your home a chance at a new life and find some ways to customize it to be yours. Change can be intimidating, especially when you’re turning a new home into your home. Only you know exactly what that means, but these will help you find the changes you can make to really personalize your home.

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