Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Now that you’ve invested in managing a rental property, you have the large task of finding your ideal renter. You may have heard horror stories about renters that didn’t take care of their properties or didn’t pay their rent, so to avoid settling for just anyone, you want to make sure that you can attract as many renters to view your property as possible. These few tips and tricks will help you to accomplish just that.

Offer Extra Amenities

One great way to attract renters is to offer extra amenities with your rental property. There are certain amenities that many renters view as a must-have. Some ideas of extra amenities that you could offer would be allowing pets on the premises, including a cash bonus or gift card, or even offering discounted rent or utilities for the first few months. You could also invest in things like an on-site washer and dryer or updated kitchen appliances that would also attract many renters.

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Improve Your Listing

Having an updated rental listing posted online will be a great help in attracting renters to your property. There are many websites, like Zillow, Craigslist, or even Facebook Market, that allow free rental listings to be posted. Make sure that you keep your online listings updated with accurate photos and descriptions. You may also want to incentivize your past renters to write reviews for your property once they have moved out. People looking to rent rely a lot on the reviews that they can find on a property that they’re viewing. In fact, about 64 percent of renters will pay more if you have good reviews on a listing site.

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Update Your Property

Just like any home, your property can always benefit from a little bit of loving attention, especially after having a renter move out. It is important to visit your property and do a few walkthroughs to see what cleaning and repairs need to be done before you can have potential renters on-site for viewings. Even just a good carpet cleaning and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Renters are always looking for properties that are kept in the best condition, and will often pay extra if your property is better kept than your cheaper counterpart options. If you spend a little extra time and money fixing up your rental property, you are guaranteed to attract more renters.

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If you’re wanting to have lots of renters to choose from, it is important to follow these steps so that you’ll bring in as many potential renters as possible. As soon as you’re notified that you’re going to have a property vacancy, make sure that you jump on these few steps so that your property will be a hot spot for people looking to rent. By taking the time to complete these few steps, your number of prospective renters is sure to skyrocket!

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