Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Everybody is gearing up to be able to do more fun things this year than last, and part of that is looking forward to sunshine, outdoors, the beach, and…oh, no. The heat is coming, isn’t it? And not just any heat—the sticky heat where it feels like you are continually in a wall of tepid water. So how can you avoid another miserable summer in your home?

Upgrade Insulation

You already know you’re supposed to have insulation, but you might not know how much, or how deep it should be to optimize the effects. You need about fourteen inches to maximize the heat barrier and have the area around your attic ladder also insulated. There are special kits for this! It might not be as expensive as you think, especially considering the volume of money you could save yearly.

Reduce Humidity

You already know that when the humidity rises, even if it doesn’t actually get hotter, it certainly feels hotter, inside and out. If you can reduce the perception of heat in your home, and reduce the temperature by just a small amount, it can be a lot more comfortable! This is why your need to care for your HVAC system yearly and make sure it’s in good working order. You need the freon checked as well. High-velocity HVAC systems can reduce the humidity levels in your home by 30 percent. That’s a huge volume of coolness that can make your home bearable.

Ceiling Fans

Especially now that many offices are encouraging some remote work during the pandemic, and with many families spending more time at home during spikes of illness in their communities, that thirty percent can add up, but giving it a boost is always good. Adding circulation to your home, whether by adding ceiling fans or circulatory fans can make a huge difference. Far from being outdated, these staples of Southern life make your world better, and there are many new types and styles.

Besides making your home cooler in the summer and keeping your energy bills down, these tricks will also make your home more comfortable to be in. With these tricks, you don’t have to be miserable in your home this summer. This alone makes the investment to make it more comfortable and energy-efficient a good one. With the right tools, you can make your home a great place to be this summer.

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