Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

How to Bewitch Buyers With the Magic of Curb Appeal

In a lot of markets across the country, when it comes to home sales, supply still outweighs demand. When putting a property on sale, most home sellers tend to put a lot of emphasis on improving the home’s interior while neglecting the outside of the property. Unfortunately, buyers form an opinion on whether to buy the home or not even before they step through the front door. Thus, even though you might have done great work on your interiors, it will all be for nothing if the exterior is wanting. If you are looking to maximize your home’s value, you must focus on enhancing the curb appeal.

A home’s curb appeal refers to the value of its exterior. If a house has curb appeal, it means that it is visually attractive and inspires confidence. A good curb appeal, therefore, can help sell a home faster and at a higher value. Nonetheless, most homeowners overlook their house’s curb appeal when placing it on the market. This is a big mistake. When your home’s exterior does not appeal to the buyer, it could cost you the sale while driving down your house’s perceived value.

With that said, here are some of the things you could do to boost your curb appeal and attract more buyers.

Lose the Clutter

Get rid of everything that does not add to the exterior’s aesthetics. This might include lawn furniture, old vehicles, dead bushes, garden hoses, empty planters, swing sets, etc. If it is not attractive or necessary, sell it, give it away, toss it away, or recycle it. Also, ensure that you find an out-of-sight place to hide the recycling and garbage cans. The idea is to lose the junk.

Mow and Nurture the Lawn

One way of instantly transforming the yard is by rolling out the sod lawn. And because the lawn forms a significant part of your front yard, it has a tremendous effect on your curb appeal. Thus, if you have a garden, rake, mow, edge, and manicure it. Additionally, ensure that it stays well-watered and fertilized. In case your area is susceptible to drought, consider employing drought-tolerant landscaping; nevertheless, it does require considerable effort, expense, and time to bring drought-tolerant landscaping to maturity.

Spruce Up the Approach

Buyers form their first impression as they approach the house. As such, ensure that you should get your front door, porch, steps, and walkway in excellent shape. Repair any cracks in the sidewalk while pulling out any weeds that might be there. Lighting is another critical aspect as well. Outdoor lighting makes the home beautiful during the night while adding an element of security. Consider installing low-voltage landscape lighting to walkways, landscaping, and accent trees.

Put Emphasis on the Front Door

Replace the doorbell, house numbers, door knocker, handle, and mailbox to complement the house’s paint job. Let it all match by sticking to the same finish for each piece.

If your door is of a lighter color, let the hardware have a black finish. And if it is a dark, go with a brass or chrome finish for the hardware. This is to enhance contrast and make the features pop.

You should also be creative with the house numbers by finding something that is eye-catching and unique. When the buyers see the hardware package and finished paint, they will get the impression that the home is updated and ready to go.

Pressure Washing the Exterior

If you do not have a pressure washer, hire a pressure washer to clean the pavement, carport, and decks. This step is more important than you think; not only will it greatly improve the curb appeal of the house, but it could end up raising the bids that come in by up to $10,000! A pressure wash will clean and brighten the house’s siding, whether the pain is new or not. Note that pressure washers can cause damage to wood if they are not used correctly. Ensure that you get instructions on how to do it correctly.

Prune Trees and Bushes

Bushes and trees usually invoke a feeling of maturity, majesty, and fullness to a property. Nevertheless, these beautiful additions to the landscape might get overgrown and rangy, thereby taking away from the property’s beauty. They might overshadow the gardens and block the sun and views that you want to accent. As such, if your bushes and trees are out of control, have them pruned or trimmed.

Add Living Space Outside

If your garden, deck, or porch allows, you could install furnishings that will expand your house’s living space into the outsides. Outdoor rooms are among the most attractive features for homebuyers today. Some suggestions include incorporating an inexpensive indoor-outdoor rug, deck furniture, porch swing, an outdoor bar, and a barbecue or dining area.

Plant Shrubs or Flowers

Consider planting shrubs to provide your house’s exterior with year-round garden greenery. Plant seasonal flowers for accent color. Also, remember that a house’s foundation is one of its most unattractive features. Thus, if the house’s foundation is visible, camouflaging it with flowering azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and other large-leafed flowering plants with a leafy spread should help you hide the foundation effectively. The best choice of these plants are ones that grow up to four feet in height and have a touch of color. You could leave at least two feet between them and the house. Additionally, you could inquire at your local plant nursery for ideas.

Take Care of the Garage Door

The garage door makes for one of the largest surfaces of a home’s exterior. Thus, depending on its condition, it can either be a visual asset or a liability. If it is not looking dapper, paint, refinish, and if necessary, repaint it. Nevertheless, a new garage door will make an excellent first impression to your buyers.

First impressions matter in the housing market. Buyers want their prospective home to be perfect. They want everything about it to scream quality. Thus, a minor fault in the outside appearance of your house could leave a bad taste in their mouths and rob you of a sale. Enchant your buyers buy boosting your curb appeal.



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