Thursday, March 12th, 2020

When light fills your home, the space feels open and airy. This sort of atmosphere makes your home look comfortable and inviting. It also elevates the mood of everyone who lives in your home. Fortunately, managing the amount of light in a common area like the living room is within your control. Here are three tips that will show you how.


It goes without saying that the blinds and drapes you hang in your home have a great deal to do with how much light your rooms enjoy. For example, rooms that tend to be dark come alive when you add some privacy sheers to the windows. These diffuse the light, giving a soft, elegant look. Additionally, modern technology can also come to your rescue. In addition to allowing you to add timers to lights, technology can help you give your blinds a smart update as well. Automated blinds offer convenience and other benefits if you want to integrate smart tech into your home. Installing this kind of technology ensures that you can always add light to your living room, even if you’re still out in the driveway after a day outside.

Expand Your Windows

If your budget allows it, you may also want to think about expanding the windows in the living room by making them either wider or taller. Imagine how much more open and light your living room would look if you installed a large picture window. Although you’ll pay about $5,000 on average to have this remodel redone, you’ll get almost an 80 percent ROI when it comes time to sell.

Play With Your Decor

The size of your furniture and the types of accessories you have can add light to your living room in a very low-tech, yet effective way. Simple additions, like mirrors on the walls and smaller, less bulky furniture opens the space up visually. Additionally, if you opt for light-colored

paint as well as furniture fabric in a similar color, you’ll brighten the room considerably.

Having the ability to control the amount of light in your living room means you can also control the mood and the temperature as well. It doesn’t take too much extra work. While you can do a remodel to add a larger window, you can also do something as simple as adding mirrors or putting your blinds on a timer to adjust and improve your lighting. Doing these things can help to brighten your living room space and make your house feel like a home.