Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Investing in real estate can be extremely profitable, if done correctly. While the market can be difficult, there are some good strategies that can help you succeed. Here are a few things you can do to help you ensure a good return on your rental property.

Charge Enough Rent

One of the most important ways you can ensure a good return on your rental property is by charging enough rent so that you can pay for the mortgage and expenses. The amount of rent you charge will be based on a percentage of your home’s market value. You can also determine how much to charge for rent by looking at your competition; research what other landlords are currently charging for properties similar to yours.  In addition to watching the current market and supply and demand trends, you should make sure that your rent is enough to cover vacancy costs, property repairs, maintenance, and your mortgage payment. As you consider all these factors, you’ll be able to charge enough rent and earn a good profit.

Maintain the Property

Spending money on upkeep is a smart way to maintain the value of your property. It will also help you save money in the long term. Although fixing minor repairs will cost a certain amount of money, it’s important to remember that it’s less expensive to fix minor problems before they become major ones. Your tenants also have certain responsibilities to maintain the property. In your rental contract, you can mandate that your tenants fulfill their responsibilities, or accept the consequences.

If maintaining the property seems overwhelming, you should consider hiring a property manager. Investing in a property manager can help you avoid unnecessary stress; many real estate investors recommend this and say that the help is worth the cost.

Be Selective

Many beginning real estate investors make the mistake of not being selective enough when it comes to decisions regarding their property. In order to maximize your ROI, you must make sure you’re able to handle the expenses associated with your property. For example, if you buy a property built before 1978, you may have to deal with lead-based paint issues, galvanized steel pipes, and foundation settlement. Or, if you buy a large home, you will likely have more maintenance requests than if you had bought a smaller home. Before you decide on a property to purchase, make sure to be choosy as well as being realistic.

Your chances of maximizing your ROI will increase if you charge enough rent, maintain the property, and be selective when choosing your investment property. These three ideas are important steps to making sure your investment will yield a good profit.

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