Monday, October 19th, 2020

Flipping a house to be more family friendly expands your market significantly. Families with kids will be looking for many of the same things as the rest of your market, but they have some other special considerations. Besides modifying obvious safety concerns, consider the following to know how to make the house you’re flipping more kid friendly.

Add a Backyard Fence

Have you ever tried watching a kid in a yard without a fence? You can’t let your eye leave them for a second or else they leave to go who knows where. Adding a fence doesn’t only prevent children from running off, but it keeps animals or other people from entering your yard unannounced. It provides some much-needed privacy for families. There are many types of fences that increase backyard safety. Consider your options carefully and choose materials that will hold up well in the local climate.

Make Things Durable

Sometimes kids don’t know how not to break things. It’s not their fault—they don’t know any better. It can get tedious for the parents to repair or pay for broken parts in the home. The more you can do to make home elements extra durable, the more kid-friendly the home is. Consider if the floor can be easily damaged, the doors easily broken, or the walls easily marked.

One place to pay special attention to is the kitchen. Are the materials that up the counters, and cabinets made of durable material? Look at what options you have for furniture. When choosing cabinets for your kitchen, remember that framed cabinets are more durable than frameless ones.

Build Extra Easy Storage

It takes a lot of stuff to raise children, and it’s overwhelming for parents to move into a home that does not have enough storage space to keep things tidy. It’s hard enough to keep things tidy as it is. While there are many storage hacks they can build themselves, it is good to provide them with these options for your potential buyers.

By providing these elements in the home you are flipping, you can really cater to all your potential buyers. If the home isn’t ready for a family yet, it will be with your help. Families will be thankful for your extra work to cater to their needs.

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