Thursday, January 30th, 2020

When it comes to protecting not only your home but your family’s health, mold is often the number one thing homeowners dread and fear. Mold is such a big deal because of the difficulty in eradicating it, especially after frequent delays in noticing it in the first place. Mold might be growing within your walls, and you might not even know for weeks. Here are a few ways you can identify early signs of mold infestation within your home and get ready to remove the threat.

Sickness Symptoms

One of the telltale signs that you have mold growing within your walls is when you begin to feel the symptoms, according to Indoor Environmental Technologies. Mold will make a person feel lightheaded and generally sick. Therefore, before you assume that you’re simply coming down with something, stop and think about your symptoms. After all, the flu won’t only give you headaches. This sign should be taken very seriously, as too much exposure to mold may cause more severe problems, such as permanent neurological damage.


According to Steve’s Roofing Inc, mold can be identified by its odor before it becomes visible. The first sign of mold might be an unpleasant smell when you first begin turning on your air conditioning units. This is because mold likes to grow after the winter season. Often the mold will be located within your A/C unit, but if none is found, you might have it within your walls or ground. Homeowners should look out for foul and musty smells coming from their basement or other areas.

Dark Rings

One of the easiest ways to determine if mold is growing within your walls is to look out for black rings on your roof or walls. Though some of these rings might not actually be mold, it can mean that there is a more serious issue occurring behind the walls. They may be water damage, which could potentially develop into mold. If you are able to clean the area with disinfectants or by mopping, then do so immediately. If you believe the damage to be inside the walls, then a call to a professional might be your best bet before things get worse.

Mold in a house is a very serious issue that must be addressed. Spotting the early signs of mold can be difficult, but it is not impossible. To truly understand the early signs of mold, follow these tips and keep an eye out for things that look, feel or smell wrong.

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