Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Whether you regularly struggle with allergies or not, nobody likes to have allergic reactions to dirty indoor air. Luckily, most homeowners can adjust the quality of their home’s air through a number of solutions. There are lots of ways that you can quickly and easily improve your indoor air quality.

Change Your AC Filters

One of the most obvious solutions to improving indoor air quality is changing the filters of your AC unit. It is important to know how and why to change your AC filters. Your AC filters keep dust out of your AC unit, which keeps dust and debris from being blown all around your home. Make sure that you change your filters regularly. Learning to do this on your own requires only a few steps. This will also help your AC unit to work more effectively and powerfully in cooling or warming your home.

Add Plants

Most people know that plants are the best natural air purifiers. There are lots of different kinds of plants that purify your indoor air and improve your indoor air quality. Consider having plants in different locations of your house, such as your bathroom. Plants can produce oxygen for your bathroom to keep it fresh. Snake plants, bamboo palms, or spider plants are all great solutions, as they’re pretty low maintenance. Plants like peace lilies can even filter chemicals out of your indoor air.

Use Cooking Vents

Have you ever boiled rice or pasta on the stove to prepare a delicious dinner and found that the air in your home feels sticky and humid? Or maybe you’ve cooked some bacon or greasy meat in a frying pan and have had the meat smoke set off your fire alarms? Cooking is obviously a necessary part of our everyday lives, but it can also lead to stuffy, smelly, and dirty indoor air. When cooking, try to use a cooking vent or fan to disperse the bad air. You also might want to open a window or screened door to let some fresh air inside. These easy solutions will help you quickly improve your indoor air quality.


While none of these solutions are overly complicated, you’ll see that they are quite successful. There are also many more ideas for improving the condition of your indoor air that you can research and try out. Remember to try implementing all of these solutions in your home and you will see and feel the difference in your indoor air quality.

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