Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

A vacation rental property can thrive or die based upon guest reviews. Even the best property is eventually going to get an unhappy guest. In order to protect your property’s reputation, you are going to need a wealth of positive reviews to outweigh the negative ones. To get them, follow these steps.

Communicate with Guests

Clear and professional communication is key to guest satisfaction. You should connect with your guests at the beginning of their stay to welcome them and assure them that you are available to help with any of their needs. Your guests need to understand what policies they need to abide by. These should be communicated clearly at the booking of the property. If the policies feel restrictive, you will need to learn to communicate in a positive manner. For example, you could explain that they are expected to park on the driveway since parking on the street could result in a ticket.

At the end of their stay, you should thank them for their patronage and let them know that you hope they will return. Throughout their stay, you may wish to check in from time to time to ensure that everything is ok. However, don’t be too bothersome. No one wants to be bothered on vacation.

Maintain the Home in Good Condition

You only get one chance at a first impression. If you want a good review, your rental property needs to nail that first impression. Make sure that everything is well cleaned and tidied before guests arrive. The home needs to be free of rodents and bugs. Making sure your home is clean inside and outside is one way to prevent a rodent infestation. The thermostat should also be set to a comfortable level before scheduled check-in time. This will help your guest feel comfortable as they enter for the first time.

Ask for a Review

The best way to get a good review is to ask for one. Many people make the mistake of hoping that their guests will leave a review without being asked. Unfortunately, the only people who leave reviews on their own tend to be those that post negative ones. How you ask for the review is important. Don’t just say “We depend on your reviews, please leave us a good one.” A much more effective strategy would be to say something like, “We appreciate your stay and hope you enjoyed it! Please leave us a review and let us know what you like so we can keep it up in the future.”

As the good reviews start pouring in, don’t just sit back and read them. You can impress people reading your reviews if they see that you responded to what others said. When someone leaves you a good review, you should thank them. Make the note personal and reference some of the things that they liked. A nongeneric response will help others to know that you care about your customer’s experience.

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