Monday, May 3rd, 2021

Warm weather brings many things, from the end of the school year to fun days by the pool. But along with the more beautiful aspects of summer, the changing season can sometimes bring in unwanted pests. Taking steps to protect your home from invaders will give you the best opportunity to enjoy the warm weather this year.

Seal Cracks

Sealing the cracks in your home can go a long way towards protecting it from unwanted intruders. Many kinds of pests are clever and resourceful, so if there are any cracks in your home, they are likely to make it through. Cracks are often found near the intentional opening of your home, like windows and doorways, so be sure to check those areas thoroughly. Cracks in your foundation can also let pests in, so don’t forget to inspect them each year as well.

Clean Up Food

Most pests enter homes looking for things to eat and bring back to their colonies. Because of this, leaving food around can be an invitation for these pests to investigate your home and spread across your space. While you are likely to notice when an invasion has become full spread, it is important to keep a lookout early. You should watch for scout ants that can alert the rest of the colony if they find food. Catching the invasion early can save you a lot of trouble. Make sure to clean up food messes quickly and move leftovers to the fridge immediately so you don’t experience a major pest problem.

Use Screens

Pests like flies and mosquitos often enter homes through more traditional methods. So, if you prefer to open windows and doors to let air flow through your home, consider investing in screens to keep out bugs. A good screen door can help to keep your home free from pests while also promoting good airflow. If you don’t have screens or the outdoor air quality is poor, avoiding opening windows can help to minimize pests, and using fans can help you to get the airflow you need around your home.

No one likes a home full of intruders, and in addition to being annoying, they can also spread destruction in your home. If you are concerned about a pest problem, it is worth taking the time to follow these steps or even call in a professional for help. Staying on top of your home invader problem will keep your home feeling great this summer.

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