Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Curb appeal is a very important element that works to attract potential buyers to your home. Your curb appeal acts as a first impression so you want to put in plenty of effort. However, you should also be wary of certain mistakes many homeowners make.

Wild Paint Colors

One of the first tips you’ll encounter about curb appeal is adding a fresh coat of paint to your entryway. This could include your door, surrounding walls, or any other part of the exterior of your home. For some, this may seem like an opportunity to get creative and expressive. While this could be a good option for the homeowner, it isn’t helpful when trying to sell. Wild paint colors can throw off potential buyers and be unappealing to them. Be mindful when picking a color palette to work with. To stay safe, stick with neutral, muted colors. Try to match colors to existing features, such as the roof color, or pick colors that go with the architectural style of your home. For more ideas, you can drive around your neighborhood to see what others are doing.

Letting Your Landscape Go

Another primary element of your curb appeal is the landscaping. One goal is to avoid going overboard with your landscaping. However, there is also the opposite problem of not properly tending to it. By ignoring your landscaping, you create an environment that looks neglected and poorly cared for. This can make your home look dated and unappealing. Not to mention, poor maintenance can have other problems. Tall grass can attract termites and ticks. Make sure you stay on top of mowing your lawn, mulching flower beds, and tending to all other elements.

Outdated Fixtures

While you might be primarily focused on updating fixtures indoors, you shouldn’t ignore your exterior fixtures. Having outdated fixtures give the impression that a home is not well cared for and it can give off an unappealing aesthetic. By updating your fixtures, you make your exterior look new and inviting. Potential buyers will also be reassured because they will know they won’t need to make many renovations themselves. Other benefits of updated fixtures include increased safety and security of the home.

When you’re looking to sell your home or even just improve its aesthetic, you need to put effort into your curb appeal. As you do this, you must be aware of the mistakes and pitfalls that can negatively impact your curb appeal. 

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