Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Moving is often described as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, and while most of that stress comes from the logistics alone, moving-related injuries, and other dangers have the potential to make the stress much worse. By staying aware of moving safety hazards and doing your best to minimize them, you can help ensure that you have a safe and successful move.

Heavy Lifting

Whether they come from moving, recreational weightlifting or working, heavy lifting injuries are a very real risk. Before you begin loading your moving truck, make sure you can lift with good form to avoid any damage to your back or shoulders. Fortunately, you can use straps, dollies, and other lifting tools to lower the stress on your body. Most moving companies have these tools for rent when you pick up a truck from a rental agency. Additionally, if you have lots of heavy furniture, you might consider renting a truck with a ramp. This will make the loading process safer and less tiring.

Securing Items

Making sure your items are secure in the moving truck is important. Things can get jostled on long drives, and this may even result in falling items once you open up the truck. It is also advised to when possible, load heavier items first and keep heavier items closer to the truck floor, according to Fetch Truck Rental. If anything seems loose, straps and other implements can be used to secure it. During the drive, falling, and excessive bumping may result in damage to your belongings. Avoid this by driving cautiously.

Driving the Moving Truck

Some of the potential dangers of moving have to do with the transportation aspect of the task. Even taking the moving truck out of the equation, driving is a dangerous activity in itself. According to Brauns Law, there were over 235,000 hospitalizations for traumatic brain injuries last year, and up to 70% of those were a result of car accidents. Especially when operating a truck, take caution safety measures like driving slowly and being aware of your blind spots.

Property Damage

This risk is one that not many people think of, but it’s nonetheless a very real concern. Property damage, whether to your old or new home, can happen if you aren’t careful. For instance, accidentally losing your grip on a piece of furniture while going up or down stairs can result in scrapes and other damage to the premises. Make sure you carefully plan how you will move bulky objects before attempting to do so. A moving blanket is also a good solution to protect furniture.

Moving will always have some risks involved, but you can minimize those. By paying attention, moving mindfully and taking your time, you’ll be able to eliminate most of the problems and make your move without undue worry or stress. By preparing for any potential safety hazards as well as planning when and how you’ll be moving you’ll have a successful move.