Friday, May 28th, 2021

Preparing to host guests can be stressful. Your to-do list may feel like a mile long with no idea where to start. Start with one of the most important spaces for your guests, their bathroom accommodations. To prevent unnecessary stress, follow these tips for setting up a guest bathroom that your visitors can feel at home in.

 Pack it With All the Essentials

 Whenever you go to a hotel, you expect fluffy white towels and simple toiletries to be provided. Even if you prefer to bring your own, it is always handy to have them on hand if you forget. When setting up your guest bathroom, look for ways you can provide an even better hotel experience. Clean towels are a must. Packing the bathroom with other essentials like soap, razors, shampoo, conditioner, etc. is also a quick way to make your guests feel at home and prevent them from feeling uncomfortable when they need to ask you for extra products.

 Make it Smell Nice

 A major factor in feeling like an area is clean and sanitized is associated with how it smells. When preparing your guest bathroom, check your ventilation to make sure the air can be circulated and cleaned quickly. Adding ventilation can remove bad odors from your bathroom. Consider providing candles or air fresheners for your guests to use if needed. You will increase your guest’s satisfaction with their stay and their impression of you as a host when you provide privacy in a clean-smelling area.

Provide Storage Space

 Living out of a suitcase is uncomfortable and feels disorganized. When your guests come, they will feel much more welcome if you have areas where they can store their things. Clear out drawers where they can store their toiletries. Place hooks where they can hang their towels or clothing. When guests are visiting, you will likely not use the space, it is best to remove any clutter or items that you might need. Giving your guests space to put their belongings will make them feel much more appreciated.

As a host you want your guests to enjoy their stay. Your guests will feel much more at home if they have a little privacy while visiting you. Provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience by providing all the essentials in your guest bathroom, making it smell nice, and providing additional storage space.

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