Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Safety Tips You Need to Know If You’re Planning Real Estate As A Career


For many years now, real estate agents make their money by meeting different clients showing them potential property for purchase. They present a glamorous image in different advertising platforms. Many people wonder how real estate agents make their money, deal with mortgages, and put food on the table. However, how much liability does an agent have if a person is hurt on the property they intend to buy? That notwithstanding, here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to your safety as a real estate agent.

Personal Safety

Meet first-time clients in an office as opposed to an open field. This gives a professional foundation for your relationship. Photocopy your client’s particulars as they fill a prospect identification form to ensure a safer working environment for both parties. Never use glamorous pictures of yourself in online profiles. If you have expensive jewelry and other glamorous things, do not use them for advertising. They are likely to attract criminals.

Limit the personal information that you divulge. The client does not need to know intricate details about you. Ensure that you only create an ideal business relationship. Let another person know your whereabouts and the expected time of return before leaving to meet with a client. Leave any crucial information regarding the client that you are meeting with your manager so that they know the exact location of your meeting. Your personal safety as a real estate agent is paramount.

Professional Risks

It’s not only potential criminals who you need to protect yourself from. Many educators and trainers in the real estate industry are actually scammers who are trying to pocket additional money from unsuspecting agents. Thoroughly vet any training program you look into before signing up. You’ll never regret having done your research before making a major investment like that.

Property Accidents

If a slip-and-fall mishap happens, the agent may be held responsible–especially if they had prior knowledge of the situation and failed to share it. However, how much liability does an agent have if a person is hurt on the property all of a sudden? Real estate agents ought to know the existing hazards on the property to help protect themselves as well as the customers they are serving. Insurance knowledge a real estate agent should have includes the information concerning their location specifics, prior claim history and so on. This is a way to protect their business as well as the client, should there be an accident.

Real estate agents can also take steps to minimize risks on the property by professionally staging the home before showing it to potential buyers. This way, you can clear out clutter and other possible obstructions that would cause accidents. Often times, furniture and other items can be placed into storage while the home is on the market. This step makes it easier for potential buyers and real estate agents to navigate the home–without accident.

It is essential to have information about every sale because it makes the process of handling a buyer easy. Knowledge makes the entire process efficient, especially for the real estate agent. For more information on real estate careers, check out our website.