Friday, January 15th, 2021

Landlords are responsible for providing a habitable and safe living environment for their tenants. They should be prepared to address repairs—particularly those that affect habitability or safety—in a timely manner. If they maintain the property, keep open communication, and then they’ll be protected from any potential conflict.

Maintain the Property

It’s the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property and all the units. This includes keeping the property clean, safe, and habitable. The landlord must adhere to all building codes, perform necessary repairs, maintain common areas, and keep the grounds in good condition. They also need to keep all vital services, such as plumbing, electricity, and heat, in good working order. They must provide proper trash receptacles, and must supply running water. If the landlord wants happy tenants, then they need to maintain the property.

Open Communication

It’s the landlord’s responsibility to have clear communication with the tenants and keep everything in the open so there’s no debate that a renter was properly informed. It is important to clearly document and communicate things that relate to the deposit and any other financial issues. They also need to inform the tenants if there is going to be any work done. If a plumber is coming or a groundskeeper, then they need to inform the tenant so they are aware that another person will be entering their apartment or house.

Collect Rent            

A landlord will play the role of a debt collector when they collect rent from their tenants each month. This role will intensify if a tenant is late on their rent or does not pay at all. The landlord must then enforce late fees or file to evict the tenant. Depending on the type of tenant, this can be a difficult position for a landlord to be in, especially if the renter is hesitant to pay rent, utility fees, or any other late fees that have been added.

Landlords are small business owners and they are in charge of a lot of different things. Since they are the only employee, they need to play the part of several roles if they want their business to be successful. They need to maintain the property, keep open communication with their tenants, and collect rent. Each of these things and many more, are part of the many responsibilities that a landlord is in charge of.

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