Monday, March 16th, 2020

Moving to another country can be an enriching adventure; however, moving is also one of the most stressful things we can do in life. You can make your move abroad easier by following a few useful tips.

Finding a Place to Live

If you are moving with the military or with a private company, you will be given options for where to live when you get to your new country. If you are in the military, you could have the option to live on the post or in town. If you are making a corporate move, your company could have accommodations specifically for their employees, at least until you find your own. Or, you might choose to wait until you get there and give yourself some time to find just the right place for you.

Shipping Your Belongings

Shipping your car, furniture and other belongings is a consideration when moving abroad. If you are planning to stay there indefinitely, you might want to have a garage sale before your move if you don’t want to take most everything. If you will be coming back to the U.S. in a few years, like most military families, you might decide to put dining room sets and other larger items in storage until you return. How you will get your car to your new location is another consideration you will have. Keep in mind that there are different ways to ship cars from the USA to another country. There are companies that specialize in that and can tell you the applicable laws where you are going. How important is it for you to take your car? You could store it, or you can sell it and buy another one when you arrive at your destination.

Helping Your Kids Get Ready for the Change

You can help your kids get ready for the big move, and it will help you, too. Library books and DVDs can teach you about the new country. If the language is different, you can learn new words together. You can also learn about the culture and food, and you can cook meals to get accustomed to some changes that are about to happen. Make sure to let your kids know that people are more alike than not, regardless of where they live. If you are a military family, your kids, regardless of their ages, might be used to moving all the time. Remember to be especially gentle with them because some kids have a hard time with moves.

You’re about to begin a big adventure. Next year at this time, you will have had new experiences and many new stories to tell. By following these tips, moving to another country can go a lot more smoothly.

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