Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

If you are thinking about redecorating your home, you’ll be glad to know that there are many recycled objects that you can use. Doing this is often a great advantage because it breathes new life into old objects that would usually fill up the landfill. It also may allow you to save money, and it will look fantastic when you are through.

Found Wood Fine Art

There are many ways that you can create fine art with pieces of wood that you find. You can find pieces that have small branches sticking out from them and use it as a coat rack. You may also want to find a straight section and drill holes into it to create spaces for tea candles and use it as a centerpiece. You can cut up a small branch to make natural wood coasters or cut larger circles and glue pictures in the middle to make wall hangings. Stumps can be used to make small tables to place around your home.

Reuse Glass Jars

There are many different ways that you can decorate your home with glass jars. You may want to put a layer of glue on the outside and sprinkle glitter on it to make a beautiful vase. You can also cut holes in the bottom of several jars and attach them to the base of an old lampshade to create a beautiful chandelier. You can also cut a hole in the top and hang one upside down. Then, cut small holes around the rim and hang crystals from it to make a beautiful wind chime.

Salvage Sport Supplies

If you and your kids are athletes and you have old sports gear sitting around, it is easy to repurpose it into home décor items that you will love. For example, old skis can be repurposed to make benches. Complete the look by hanging a couple on the wall and attaching hooks to create the perfect space to hang winter clothes. You can also use L brackets to attach old skateboards to the wall. Use Mod Podge to attach favorite family vacation pictures to old rowing oars and hang them up. You can find creative ways to integrate bicycle pieces into your plans for decorating.

Use Hobby Castoffs

Depending on your hobby, you can turn old hobby equipment into beautiful décor for your home. Consider attaching a fishing rod to your wall. Then, attach some favorite fishing photos to the fishing line and hang the line from the pole. Saw blades can be beautifully painted. Give an old grater a quick coat of paint and remove the handle to make a great storage space for all your kitchen cooking spoons.

There is very little in the world that needs to be thrown away. Once you have decorated your own home, consider making over items to sell or to give away to friends. You will love the money that you are saving, and the world will be a better place.

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