Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

When tenants are trying to find an apartment and they have a pet, they are often limited because many landlords won’t rent to a tenant with pets. Pets can be loud, they can cause lots of damage to property that can be expensive to fix, and the allergens can spread to other tenants in the complex, aggravating allergies. But it is actually a good idea to lease to tenants with pets and here’s why.

A Bigger Tenant Pool

One of the reasons why it’s a great idea to lease to tenants with pets is that you’ll dramatically increase your tenant pool. Over two-thirds of Americans own a pet, but only about fifty percent of landlords will lease to pet owners. By leasing to pet owners, you increase the number of options that pet owners have for housing, and you increase the number of possible tenants you can have.

You Can Charge More

One of the added benefits of leasing to tenants with pets is that you can charge more for their rent which can cover the cost from any damage the pet inflicted. Pet owners know that their pets can cause damage. Some animals shed, some make homes smell, despite their owners constantly cleaning the apartment. Ozone is one of the few cleaning treatments that can sufficiently remove pet odor from your property. But ozone treatments can be costly, which is why you can charge more to your pet owner tenants.

Pet Owners are Typically Responsible

Pet owners also tend to be responsible because their pets have needs that need to be taken care of. For example, dogs require a walk at least once a day, food and water, and to be given their shots when needed. Pet owners want their furry friends to be happy, so they take care of them with great care. You can expect that they will take care of your property the same way—pay their rent on time and take care not to damage the property. Not every pet owner is responsible, but because pet owners usually have to be screened when they adopt a shelter animal, they tend to be responsible and caring individuals.

Leasing to tenants who have pets will not only give you a nice monetary boost, but it will give you more tenant options for your units. It also gives you more responsible tenants.

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