Thursday, December 31st, 2020

As a homeowner, you likely have more expenses than you know what to do with. There’s the cost of your mortgage, homeowners insurance, your phone bill, and various utility bills, just to name a few. All of those expenses can get overwhelming at times, and you may find yourself looking for ways to cut costs. Odds are that you’re spending more than you have to on your energy bill in particular.

Old Appliances

“They don’t make them like they used to,” is a common saying often expressed when reminiscing about the good old days. Back then, machines seemed to last for decades instead of around 10 years in many instances. In the case of old appliances, that can be a good thing though. Sure, all the extra bells and whistles and computer parts can give appliances a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, significant improvements have been made in how efficiently appliances are able to use energy. Given the amount of money you could be saving on your energy bill, it’s likely worth the trade to have to purchase a new unit a bit more frequently than you used to.

Home Inefficiencies

Your home may be the biggest culprit when it comes to reasons why you’re spending more than is necessary on energy. There are many benefits to having an energy audit conducted in your home. Your home can leak a surprising amount of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. An audit can help you identify those areas that are leaking the most. They can also help you figure out if you have the right amount of insulation for your home.

Personal Habits

Of course, the possibility exists that you might be part of the problem yourself. Some of your personal habits may be responsible for excess spending on energy. Leaving lights or electronics on when they aren’t being used, taking long showers, or washing your clothes with hot water can all increase the amount of power you use, thereby increasing your energy costs. If you do any of these, stop now to decrease the amount of energy you use in your home. Watch out for energy vampires that can use a surprising amount of power without you even thinking about it as well.

It’s not hard to overspend on energy. Old appliances, home inefficiencies, and personal habits are just some of the things that can get in the way of a lower energy bill. Take a look around your home. If you notice any of these issues, take action to resolve them now and see what impact it has on your next energy bill.

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